Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome - Part 2

Okay, so I haven't really used Google Chrome all that much since I've installed it.  I think that say something about the new browser so many other people are talking about.

Anyway, here's some other things I've discovered:

9.  There's an "incognito" window where cookies, browsing history and other personal information that can be recorded are erased after the browser has been closed.  This leaves no trace for any websites to track the user's whereabouts and browsing habits.  How useful is this really?  Well, you can decide for yourself.

10.  I like the fact that my gmail account is integrated with my blog account using Google Chrome without having to click on the "remember me" checkbox.  A small thing indeed.  I'm just slightly hesitant on having my default Firefox 3 browser remember me for some strange, inexplicable reason.

11.  You can create shortcuts to your desktop easily of websites you've visited.  I haven't done this by doing this manually.  I'm guessing Google figured it's not being done because it's too involved?  Perhaps, but it also could be that not everyone thinks of webpages on the desktop.  The desktop is for documents and applications, not for websites.  This particular user habit would be very hard to change.

12.  It doesn't work well at all with Facebook - a site I frequent daily.  I don't know how many other applications it doesn't like.  Feel free to post a comment to let me know.

All in all, if Google is trying to shift the paradigm of the browser and the mental model of the user and they've completely failed at it.  While it may be embraceable, as it is now, it's not enough of a change to take notice - which is why I've barely touched it from the install date.  If however, they're doing it incrementally, they may have something.  But I believe most of all, it's a great browser for Google to facilitate the impending release of their new smartphone, with the Android O/S installed.  It's also a great way to increase their search engine business aided by mobile computing.

So really, Google Chrome is nothing more than just another browser, for now.  And without any sparkly bits.

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