Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Flip it.

I recently bought the latest of Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S 3, in all of its pristine marble white.  The device itself is larger than the Captivate I had before, and its touch as well as its larger screen size, make it feel like a mini tablet.

One of the new widget apps already installed was Flipboard.  Having never seen it before, I explored its workings with its simple "flip" interaction as it goes from story to story.  I've read more articles in a matter of an hour for breakfast than I have in a long time.  It was a direct replacement to my daily CBS Morning Show.

I then begin to wonder, why is it that I'm more apt to consumer news on my mobile device than I am on my laptop?  While the tabl...err smartphone was smaller, it had what laptop didn't - transitions.  It's the transitions from story to story, page to page that engaged me more than anything else.  Flipboard is proof that any application can be built by using simple transitions to enhance what its suppose to be doing - in this case, display an aggregate of current news.

I've also been a regular user of Pulse, a more customizable aggregator of online publications.  But I find Flipboard to be more engaging, even though the Pulse is more personal.

So, what am I trying to say here?  I'm not sure that I really have anything to say other than the fact that as of now, I'm considering more and more to get an actual tablet to facilitate my daily Interweb consumption.

Yes, I can be a late adopter.

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